The factory 6mm model
  • The factory 6mm model

The factory 6mm

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The factory's main building,
a large scenery for your 6mm wargames!

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Handcrafted MADE IN FRANCE

The factory: production of cars, aircraft engines, weapons and ammunition...
From heavy industry and mass prefabrication, the World's economy at the beginning of the 20th century rely on the strenght of workers.
That's why I have created this beautiful and large piece of scenery.

This is the main building of a larger industrial site, made of a long brick building, topped with four shed roofs.
Two beautiful chimneys stand at one of the corners.

You will enjoy all the tiny details, the large windows, its imposing dimensions, which make this model really stunning smiley-sunglasses.png

The factory scenery consists of 3 parts (the building and the two chimneys) which must be assembled.

scale_tm.png Scale 6mm (1:300 - 1:285)

pot_tm3.pngSupplied unpainted


Data sheet

Plastic resin cast
Around 8x6,3x6,8cm
6mm (1:300)
Around 41g
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