Factory offices building 6mm
  • Factory offices building 6mm

Factory offices building 6mm

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The factory offices main building,
industrial 6mm design!


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Handcrafted MADE IN FRANCE

The factory's offices: this is the main offices building of a large production site.
Its architectural design is very common from the end of XIXth century to nowadays.

Fully built of bricks with a slate roof, the factory's offices building is a massive and austere construction that will add an industrial look to your battlefield, whether for WWI, WWII or even Cold/Modern War games!

scale_tm.png Scale 6mm (1:300 - 1:285)

pot_tm3.pngSupplied unpainted


Data sheet

Plastic resin cast
Optionnal paint
Around 2x6x3.8cm
6mm (1:300)
Around 38g
New product